Butcher Farms, located at 2285 Coy Rd in Mason, Michigan, is a local family-run farm that has been producing fresh products since 2015. Tom, Ashley, and 3 sons operate the farm, completing everything from caring for animals, planting and harvesting crops, growing produce and stocking self their serve farmstand.

As we begin our 9th season at our small Mason farm, we realize how fortunate we are to be able to pursue this dream. While farming has been in our blood for generations, it’s taken quite a leap of faith for us to make this happen. We love our community and are so thankful for their continued support! We’re dedicated to providing Mason with the highest quality produce that we can grow each year. We pride ourselves on our farming methods so we can be the best stewards of the land we can while also providing the community with only the freshest items.

We strive to produce the best sweet corn, pumpkins, squash, popcorn, and beef, each year. You can find our products at our roadside farmstand (while in season) and look for our products at local grocery stores and farmers markets.

Tom works in the agricultural industry as his full-time job. Ashley, a former teacher, is now a stay-at-home mom and farmwife, responsible for much of the marketing, social media and behind the scenes farm work. The boys are proud Mason Bulldogs!

Why choose Butcher Farms?

  • We pride ourselves on being a family run farm. Our entire family is involved in every aspect of our daily happenings. From bottle feeding animals, planting & harvesting produce, and working farmers markets, it’s all hands on deck to ensure our farm’s success.
  • We grow all our own produce and are so confident in our practices, our own kids eat vegetables straight from the field.  We feel that we do not need labels and terms to sell our products.  We want our products’ taste, quality, freshness and nutrition to speak for themselves.
  • Our cattle are offered free choice feed, water, and hay 24/7. They also have access to our pasture and/or our barn for protection from weather at all times.
  • We grind all our own feed so we know exactly what our animals are eating. A combination of corn, vitamins, and minerals make the perfect balance for a feed that produces superior tenderness, flavor and marbling of our meat.
  • Over 90% of our animal feed is grown locally to our farm.
  • We never use hormones of any kind on our animals.
  • We use a USDA Federally inspected butcher and meat processing facility for all our beef and pork.